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London Metropolitan University:

London Metropolitan University is one of the UK’s most diverse universities with students from over 190 countries. We offer a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with support for you at every step of your course. You will benefit from meeting students from across the world and from a variety of different backgrounds, as well as having the advantages of studying in central London.

We offer an extensive range of subjects with courses available from foundation and undergraduate through to postgraduate, professional and research level. We also offer Study Abroad Programmes and English language courses. Our courses offer flexibility with entry available in September and January.

Academic Strengths
Our wide range of courses are specifically tailored to be highly vocational, practical and relevant, helping you get the skills and knowledge you need to launch your career. We design and update our courses so that they’re directly relevant to the current employment market. Influential speakers inspire our students and give solid, practical advice.

Our careers services can help you to find placements, work experience and voluntary opportunities across a wide range of organisations, supporting you to become employable on graduation. Our focus on employability is paying off – we are the number one modern university for graduate starting salaries, according to The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2013.

Minas Hambardzumyan, who studied MA Mass Communications from Armenia and who is now Public Relations Director of the Armenia Eye Care Project says “Right after graduating I was accepted for several positions in prestigious organisations in Armenia”.

London Met is a forward thinking university with an excellent history of working with a large number of academic and corporate institutions. We have developed areas within faculties which help to support talented students and graduates with developing real business experience. The WOW Agency is embedded within the School of Computing and places students from Digital, Multimedia and IT into real client-driven projects. Accelerator placed within the Business School, supports students in starting their own business and materialising their innovative and creative ideas, allowing them to build meaningful careers they love.

The Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency The Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO described her recent visit to the Accelerator (June 2013) as “exhilarating”, saying the facility was transferring entrepreneurial rhetoric into reality. The Governor-General said “You are bringing people, business and entrepreneurship together in this place and I admire that. You hear so much said about the capacity for small business, entrepreneurship and technology to work together but often nothing is done about it. You are transferring the rhetoric into reality.”

Our courses are not only highly vocational and relevant to industry but also deliver the highest level of academic teaching. In 2011, London Metropolitan University received the highest accolade in the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) review. The QAA is an independent body that conducts rigorous assessments of universities and colleges in the UK every five years. They make sure that these institutions are delivering awards, including degrees, of the very highest quality.

Our research is also recognised as of the highest quality. The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is an assessment exercise that acts as a barometer of research quality in the UK and is used to apportion government funding for research work. In our most recent RAE (2011) more than two thirds of our research was judged to be ‘internationally recognised’ ‘internationally excellent’ or ‘world leading’.

Over the past few years, we’ve created new state-of-the-art teaching, social, and professional spaces. We also offer fantastic learning resources including libraries at each of our hubs, and access to a wealth of electronic resources.

State-of-the-art IT studios hold over 4,000 computers and open-access to networks and the internet. Each of our learning centres have areas for group work, individual quiet study spaces and well-equipped IT facilities for our students.

Bia Tessar from Brazil who is now Public Relations Analyst for Posco E&C and who graduated from BA International Relations says “The main campus has a great library with many computers, books, areas to study in groups and other facilities that makes student life easier. I really enjoyed my time at London Met and also gained enough professional experience, to get a job soon after graduating.”

We have excellent facilities which support all our courses and facilitate our students to be industry ready. These include a mock court room, newsroom, recording studios, the Bloomberg Trading Room, digital manufacturing technologies, wood, plastic and metal work studios, editing suites, our £30 million Science Centre, our Gamelab Studio and an interpreting suite.

Amit Banerjee, now Vice-President at Deutsche Bank who studied MSc International Banking and Finance from India says “London Met has cutting edge technology, like the Bloomberg Trading Room which helps to give students a taste of how things are done in a live environment.”

Student Life
Life at London Met is not all about your academic achievements, and we are aware that many students may need assistance with other areas of life while studying at university. London Metropolitan University offers a wide range of support services for students including accommodation, careers advice, counselling, English language courses, placements and visa advice.

There are also venues hosting a variety of events, including club nights, live music gigs and regular student clubs and society events, parties and quizzes, providing some of the best social facilities for students in London. Students have the opportunity to play sports at all levels at London Met, with activities ranging from aerobics to squash.

Emmanuel Egwu, International Student Officer for the Student Union studying BSc Forensic Science from Nigeria says “As an International Student Officer within the student union, it is
important to me that our international students feel a sense of belonging and identification with the university. Life in London is not all about studying, it’s also about meeting new people, making friends, networking, socialising and representing our nation, family, religion and tribe.”

Title Course Name Link
BSc (Hons) Youth Work Click
BSc (Hons) Youth Studies Click
MA Work and Social Change Click
MA Women and Child Abuse Click
MA Woman and Child Abuse Click
MA Woman and Child Abuse Click
Postgraduate Certificate Violence Against Women Click
MA Urban Design; Cities, Design and Urban Cultures Click
Postgraduate Certificate Translation and Technology Click
Postgraduate Certificate Translation and Technology Click
Postgraduate Certificate Translation and Technology Click
MA Translation Click
BA (Hons) Translation Click
BA (Hons) Tourism and Travel Management Click
BA (Hons) Theatre Practice Click
BA (Hons) Textile Design Click
MA TESOL and Applied Linguistics Click
BEng (Hons) Telecommunications and Networks Engineering Click
MA Teaching Arabic Click
MA Sustainable Cities Click
MA Sustainable Cities Click
MSc Sustainable Business, Energy and Finance Click
MSc Sports Therapy Click
BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy Click
BSc (Hons) Sports Science and Physical Education Click
BSc (Hons) Sports Science Click
MSc Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy Click
MSc Sports Nutrition (Top-Up) Click
MA Sports Management Click
BA (Hons) Sports Business Management Click
BSc (Hons) Sports and Dance Therapy Click
BSc (Hons) Sport Psychology and Coaching Click
MA Sport Management Click
Postgraduate Certificate Specialised Translation Click
MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design Click
MA Spacial Planning and Urban Design Click
BEng Hons Software Engineering (1 year top-up) Click
MSc Software Development Click
BSc (Hons) Sociology and Social Policy Click
BSc (Hons) Sociology Click
MSc Social Work Click
MSc Social Work Click
BSc (Hons) Social Work Click
BA (Hons) Social Sciences and Humanities - Extended degree Click
BSc (Hons) Social Sciences Click
MSc Social Policy and Evaluation Click
MSc Social Policy Click
MSc Social Enterprise Management and Development Click
MSc Security Studies Click
MA Screenwriting Click
BSc (Hons) Sciences Extended Degree - (Biology, Chemistry, Health, Psychology) Click
MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Click
MA Public Services Management Click
MA Public Service Interpreting (Health & Legal) Click
MSc Public Protection Click
FdA Public Health and Social Care Click
MSc Public Health Click
MPA Public Administration Click
MSc Psychology of Health Click
Postgraduate Certificate Psychology of Health Click
Psychology for Graduates (by Distance Learning) - Uni Cert Click
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology Click
BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology Click
Grad Cert Psychology Click
BSc (Hons) Psychology Click
MSc Psychological Therapy Click
MSc Project Management Click
MA Professional Writing Click
MSc Professional Information Technology Click
MA Product Design Click
MA Primary ELT: Policy and Practice Click
Postgraduate Certificate Pre Masters Business Click
MSc Polymer Science and Engineering Click
BA (Hons) Politics Click
Prof Doc Policing, Security and Community Safety Professional Doctorate Click
MSc Plastics Product Design with Marketing Click
MSc Plastics Product Design with Management Click
MSc Plastics Product Design Click
MA Photography Click
FdA Photography Click
BSc (Hons) Pharmacology Click
MSc Pharmaceutical Science Click
BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Secondary Science Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Secondary Physical Education Postgraduate Certificate of Education Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Secondary Modern Languages Postgraduate Certificate of Education Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Secondary Mathematics Postgraduate Certificate of Education Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Secondary Citizenship Postgraduate Certificate of Education Click
Postgraduate Certificate PGCE Early Years and Primary Click
MSc Organising for Social Community Development Click
MSc Organisational Psychology Click
MSc Occupational Psychology Click
MSc Obesity and Weight Management Click
MSc Network Management and Security Click
BSc (Hons) Musical Instruments Click
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Sound for Media) Click
MA Music Technology (Postgraduate Certificate or MA by Project) Click
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Music Production) Click
BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Audio Systems) Click
MA Music Industry Management and Enterprise Click
BA (Hons) Music Industry Management Click
FdA Montessori early childhood practice Click
MSc Mobile Computing Click
MSc Mobile and Satellite Communications Click
MA Migration and Social Cohesion Click
MA Mental Health and Wellbeing Click
MSc Medical Genetics Click
BSc (Hons) Medical Bioscience Click
MA Media and Communications Click
BSc (Hons) Media and Communications Click
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics Click
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science Click
MSc Mathematics Click
BSc (Hons) Mathematics Click
BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences Click
BA (Hons) Marketing and Digital Communications Click
MA Marketing Click
PG Dip Maritime Law- Postgraduate Diploma Click
LLM top-up Maritime Law (top up)- LLM Click
MA Managing Equality and Diversity Click
MA Management and Strategic Leadership Click
MA MA by Project Click
LLB Hons LLB Law (with International Relations) Click
PG Dip LPC Legal Practice Course- PG Dip LPC Click
LLM top-up for LPC Legal Practice Course LLM top-up for LPC Click
LLM Legal Practice Click
MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Click
Postgraduate Certificate Learning and Teaching in HE - PG Cert Click
BA (Hons) Law Click
LLB Hons Law Click
LLB (Hons) Law Click
BA (Hons) Law Click
MA Labour and Trade Union Studies Click
BA (Hons) Journalism, Film and Television Studies Click
BA (Hons) Journalism and Digital Media Click
MA Journalism Click
BA (Hons) Journalism Click
MA Jewellry Click
BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing Click
MSc IT Security Click
MSc IT Consultancy Click
Postgraduate Diploma Interpreting (Legal)- Postgraduate Diploma Click
Postgraduate Certificate Interpreting (Health) Postgraduate Certificate Click
MA Interpreting Click
LLM International Transport and Maritime Law Click
LLM International Trade, Transport and Maritime Law Click
MSc International Trade and Transport Click
MA International Tourism: Management and Development Click
MA International Sustainable Tourism Management Click
MSc International Sports Management Click
MA International Security Studies Click
International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies Click
BA (Hons) International Relations, and Peace and Conflict Studies Click
BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics Click
BA (Hons) International Relations and Law Click
MA International Relations and Globalisation Click
MA International Relations Click
BA (Hons) International Relations Click
MSc International Public Health Nutrition Click
MA International Marketing Communications Click
LLM International Law Click
LLM International Law Click
LLM International Human Rights and Social Justice Click
MA International Human Resource Management Click
MA International Hotel and Restaurant Management Click
International Foundation Programme (IFP) Click
MA International Finance Click
LLM International Family and Child Law Click
MA International Events Management Click
MA International ELT and Applied Language Studies Click
MA International Economics and Trade Click
MSc International Economics and Finance Click
MSc International Economics Click
LLM International Commercial Law Click
MA International Business Management Click
BA (Hons) International Business Management Click
MA International Business and Marketing Click
MSc International Business and Finance Click
MA International Business and Emerging Markets Click
MA International Business and Banking Click
MA International Business Click
MSc International Banking, Finance and Compliance Click
LLM International Banking and Insurance Law Click
MSc International Banking and Finance Click
MA International Banking Click
LLM International & Comparative Intellectual Property Law Click
MA Interior Design Click
BA (Hons) Interior Design Click
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture Click
MSc Interactive Media and Games Technologies Click
MSc Information Technology - Distance Learning Click
MSc Information Technology Click
MSc Information Systems Development Click
MA Information Security Management and Governance Click
MA Information Management Click
MA Illustration Click
BA (Hons) Illustration Click
MA Human Rights and Social Justice Click
MA Human Resource Management Click
BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Click
MA Human Resource and Employment Management Click
MSc Human Nutrition (Public Health with Sports) Click
BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition Click
MA Housing and Inclusion Click
BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicinal Science (1 year top up) Click
MSc Health Psychology Click
MA Health and Social Policy Click
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Policy Click
MSc Health and Social Care Management and Policy Click
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Click
MSc Health & Social Care Management and Policy Click
MA Graphic Design Click
MA Graphic Design Click
BA (Hons) Graphic Design Click
BA (Hons) Furniture and Product Design Click
MA Furniture Click
FdA Furniture Click
MSc Forensic Science Click
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science Click
MSc Forensic Psychology Click
MSc Forensic Accounting Click
Football and Community Sports Coaching with Arsena Click
MSc Food Science Click
BA (Hons) Fine Art sculpture and installation Click
BA (Hons) Fine Art photography Click
BA (Hons) Fine Art painting Click
MA Fine Art Click
BA (Hons) Fine Art Click
MSc Financial Risk Management Click
BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics Click
MSc Financial Markets with Information Systems Click
MSc Financial Markets and Derivatives Click
MSc Finance (Accounting) Click
MSc Finance Click
MA Filmmaking Click
BA (Hons) Film, Media and Music Extended Degree Click
BA (Hons) Film and Television Studies Click
MA Film and Television Click
MA Film and Broadcast Production Click
BA (Hons) Film & Broadcast production Click
BA (Hons) Fashion, Textiles, Jewellery, Product and Furniture Extended Degree Click
FdA Fashion with Textiles Click
BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Journalism Click
MA Fashion and Textiles Click
BA (Hons) Fashion and Retail Management Click
MA Events Marketing Management Click
BA (Hons) Events Management Click
MA European Studies Click
LLM European Law Click
BA (Hons) English Literature Click
MSc Embedded Systems Click
BEng Ho Electronic and Communications Engineering Click
FdA Education: Primary Pathway Click
BA (Hons) Education Studies and English Literature Click
BA (Hons) Education Studies Click
BA (Hons) Education and Social Policy Click
MA Education Click
MSc Economics Click
BSc (Hons) Economics Click
MSc Economic Development Click
MSc Economic Development Click
BEd Hons Early Years Teaching Click
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies Click
FdA Early Childhood Studies Click
DBA Doctor of Business Administration Click
MSc Distributed Systems Click
BA (Hons) Diplomacy and Law Click
BA (Hons) Diplomacy and International Relations Click
MSc Digital Solutions (E-Learning Technology) Click
FdA Digital Media Design Click
MA Digital Media Click
BA (Hons) Digital Media Click
MA Digital Film and Animation Click
MSc Digital Communications Networks Click
MA Digital Architecture and Manufacture Click
MA Digital & Experiential Marketing Click
PG Dip/MSc Dietetics and Nutrition Click
BSc (Hons) Dietetics and Nutrition Click
MSc Dietetics and Nutrition Click
MSc Data Mining Click
FdA Dance Click
MA Curating the Contemporary Click
BSc (Hons) Criminology and Youth Studies Click
BSc (Hons) Criminology and Sociology Click
BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology Click
BA (Hons) Criminology and Law Click
BSc (Hons) Criminology and Community Policing Click
MSc Criminology Click
BSc (Hons) Criminology Click
MSc Criminal Psychology Click
MSc Crime, Violence and Prevention Click
FdSc Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation Click
BA (Hons) Creative Writing and English Literature Click
MA Creative Writing Click
BA (Hons) Creative Writing Click
MA Creative Industries Click
Counselling Psychology- Professional Doctorate Click
MSc Consumer Psychology Click
MSc Consumer Psychology Click
MA Conservation Click
MA Conference Interpreting Click
BSc (Hons) Computing, Technology and Mathematics Extended Degree Click
Grad Cert Computing and Technology Click
FdSC Computing and Business IT Click
MSc Computing Click
BSc (Hons) Computing Click
MSc Computing Click
MSc Computer Systems Engineering Click
BEng Hons Computer Systems Engineering Click
MSc Computer Science with Work Experience Click
MSc Computer Science Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Science Click
MSc Computer Networking and Security with Work Experience Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Networking and IT Security Click
MSc Computer Networking Click
BEng Hons Computer Networking Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Design Click
MSc Computer Game and Toy Design Click
MSc Computer Forensics and IT Security Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics and IT Security Click
MSc Computer Forensics Click
BSc (Hons) Computer Animation Click
BSc (Hons) Community Development and Leadership Click
MA Communications Management Click
Diploma in Law Common Professional Examination (CPE) Click
MA Cities, Design and Urban Cultures Click
MSc Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health Click
Postgraduate Certificate Child Abuse Click
BSc (Hons) Chemistry Click
MSc Cancer Pharmachology Click
MSc Business Psychology Click
Business Management- Extended degree Click
BA (Hons) Business Management Click
LLB Hons Business Law Click
MSc Business Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship Click
BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology Click
MSc Business Information Systems Click
MSc Business Economics and Finance Click
MA Business Economics Click
MSc Business Economics Click
BA (Hons) Business Economics Click
BSc (Hons) Business Computing (1 year top-up) Click
MBA Business Administration (with Professional Development) Click
MBA Business Administration Click
MBA Business Administration Click
MSc Brand Management Click
MSc Blood Science Click
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology Click
MSc Biomedical Sciences Click
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science leading to MD Click
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science Click
BSc (Hons) Biological Science Click
MSc Bioinformatics Click
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry Click
BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance (with Integrated Professional Training) Click
BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance Click
MSc Aviation Management Click
MA Arts and Heritage Management Click
Extended degree Art, Media and Design- Click
BA (Hons) Art and Design Extended Degree Click
Architecture: Examination in Professional Practice - RIBA Part 3 Click
MA Architecture, Energy and Sustainability Click
MA Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources Click
BA (Hons) Architecture and Interior Design - Extended degree Click
MA Architecture and Interior Design Click
MA Architecture and Digital Design Systems Click
MA Architecture Click
BA (Hons) Architecture Click
MA Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation Click
MSc Applied Psychology Click
BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science Click
MA Animation Click
MA Animation Click
BA (Hons) Animation Click
MSc Advanced Computing (Software Engineering) Click
MSc Advanced Computing (Mobile Computing) Click
MSc Advanced Computing (Distributed Systems) Click
MSc Advanced Computing (Data Mining) Click
MSc Addiction and Mental Health Click
MSc Addiction and Mental Health Click
MSc Accounting and Finance Click
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Click
Entry Requirement Length Prices Link
- 2.00 1590 Click
- 1.00 795 Click
- 3.00 2280 Click

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