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BSc Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry

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University of Bristol - See more testimonials from University of Bristol

Year : 2014

1) How did Hands On help you find a university through UCAS Clearing and Visa?
Hands On helped me a lot before going to the UK. They have a lot of staff who are knowledgeable about UK universities so they can provide a lot of information about different universities in the UK. This helped me to get an idea of what university life would be like. Moreover, when my IB result came out, I missed the requirement by one point so I came to Hands On right away to seek help. Hands On staff contacted the university for me and sorted out the problem so I finally got into my first choice university. Hands On staff also helped me to prepare documents for the visa and told me what to expect during the interview. This was very helpful and made my visa process go smoothly. 

2) Where are you now? And where did you study prior to the UK?
I graduated from NIST International School of Thailand and I’m currently studying my Bachelor degree at the University of Bristol. My major is Biochemistry.  

3) Were you satisfied with Hands On service?
Yes! The process before going to the UK was troublesome. I am very thankful for their help! 

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