Course Closure at Some UK Universities

Posted on 8 September 2011


As a result of high demand, some UK universities have decided to close to new applications for the courses below:

*  Red means latest course closure      

University of Birmingham

•    3 week pre-sessional
•    PG Certificate Contemporary European Studies
•    MA European Studies Research
•    MA European Studies     

University of Bristol

•    5 week pre-sessional
•    International Foundation with Economics and Finance
•    Water & Environmental Management (MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert)
•    Strategic Management (MSc)
•    Composition of Music for Film & TV (MA)
•    International Development (MSc)
•    Orthodontics DDS

Brunel University

•    MA Design and Branding Strategy
•    MA Design Strategy and Innovation

Cardiff University

•    8 week pre-sessional
•    11 week pre-sessional      
•    MSc International Economics Banking and Finance
•    MSc Financial Economics
•    MSc International Economics and Public Policy
•    MSc in Finance

Durham University

•    MA Financial Management
•    MA Management
•    MSc Finance

University of East Anglia

•    MSc Brand Leadership
•    MSc Business Management
•    MSc International Accounting and Financial Management
•    MSc International Human Resource Management
•    MSc Marketing
•    MSc Strategic Information Systems
•    MSc Strategic Supply Chain Management

University of Edinburgh

•    All English Courses
•    MSc Management

University of Exeter

•    MSc Accounting & Finance

University of Glasgow

•    MAcc in International Accounting & Financial Management
•    M.Fin in International Finance
•    MSc Management with International Finance

University of Hertfordshire

•    Graduate Certificate in Business (Business pre-masters)

University of Huddersfield

•    All courses

University of Kent

•    MSc Management (Accounting & Finance)
•    MSc Management (General)
•    MSc Management (Human Resources)
•    MSc Management (International Business)
•    MSc Management (Marketing)
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Financial Services
•    MSc International Accounting & Finance

Lancaster University

•    All Postgraduate Taught Courses

University of Leeds

•    Pre-sessional courses starting on 1 August 2011
•    Pre-sessional courses starting on 4 July 2011
•    All master courses in Business School

Leeds Metropolitan University

•    MA Cultural Planning and Policy
•    MSc International Festivals Management
•    MSc Responsible Events
•    MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Liverpool John Moores University

•    All courses

University of Liverpool

•    MSc Management

London South Bank University

•    BA (Hons) Business Information Systems
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With Law
•    BA (Hons) Management With Law
•    BA (Hons) Management With Psychology
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Marketing  With Tourism
•    BA (Hons) Marketing  And HRM
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And  BIT
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And Management
•    BA (Hons) Marketing And Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Digital Marketing  And HRM
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies  And Accounting
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies And HRM
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies  And Management
•    BA (Hons) English Language Studies And Marketing
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With English Language Studies
•    BA (Hons) Business Information Technology With English Language
•    BA (Hons) Human Resource Management With English Language
•    BA (Hons) Management With English Language Studies
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With English Language Studies
•    BA (Hons) Digital Marketing With Accounting
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Business Information Technology
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Management
•    BA (Hons) Marketing With Human Resource Management
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With BIT
•    BA (Hons) Accounting With Marketing
•    BA (Hons) HRM With BIT
•    BA (Hons) HRM With Marketing
•    BA (Hons) Management With Marketing
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Management
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Accounting
•    BSc (Hons) BIT  With Psychology
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Tourism Studies
•    BSc (Hons) BIT With Law
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And HRM
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And Management
•    BSc (Hons) BIT And Accounting
•    Extended Degree Programme In Science

Loughborough University

•    All Business School courses

University of Manchester

•    MSc Accounting and Finance
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Quantitative Finance: Financial Engineering
•    MSc Quantitative Finance: Risk Management

Newcastle University

•    MA Human Resource Management
•    MA International Human Resource Management
•    MA International Financial Analysis
•    MA International Business Management
•    MSc Finance
•    MSc Banking & Finance
•    MSc International Marketing
•    MSc International Economics & Finance
•    MSc Finance & Financial Regulation
•    MSc Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

University of Nottingham

•    Civil Engineering (Undergraduate)
•    Law undergraduate (Undergraduate)

Queen Mary, University of London

•    MA International Relations
•    MSc Marketing
•    MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
•    MSc Global Business
•    MSc International Financial Management
•    MSc Management and Organisational Innovation
•    MSc Accounting and Finance

University of Reading

•    MSc Accounting and Financial Management
•    MSc International Management and Accounting

Royal Holloway, University of London

•    MA Marketing
•    MSc Asia Pacific Business
•    MSc Entrepreneurship
•    MSc International Human Resource Management
•    MSc International Management

Sheffield Hallam University

•    All SBS courses
•    IT with Business Studies
•    IT Management
•    Business and ICT
•    Business Information Systems
•    BA Hon Childhood Studies
•    BA Hon Creative Writing
•    BA Hon Criminology
•    BA Hon Criminology & Sociology
•    BA Hon Early Childhood Studies
•    BA Hon Early Years Eduction with QTS
•    BA Hon Education & Disability Studies
•    BA Hon Education Studies
•    BA Hon Education Studies with Psychology & Counselling
•    BA Hon English & Education Studies
•    BA Hon English & History
•    BA Hon English
•    BA Hon English Language
•    BA Hon English Literature
•    BA Hon History & Criminology
•    BA Hon History & Politics
•    BA Hon History       
•    BA Hon Human Geography
•    BA Hon Performance for Stage & Screen
•    BA Hon Politics            
•    BA Hon Primary Education with QTS
•    BA Hon Sociology
•    BA Hon Geography & Planning
•    BA Applied Nursing & Social Work (Learning Disabilities)
•    BA Hon Social Work
•    BA Hon Youth & Community Work  
•    BA Hon Physical Activity Health & Exercise Science
•    BA Hon Early Years Eduction with QTS
•    BA International Business with Tourism
•    BSc Architectural Technology
•    BSc Architecture & Environmental Design
•    BSc Geography  
•    BSc Criminology and Psychology
•    BSc Mathematics with Education and QTS
•    BSc Psychology & Sociology
•    BSc Psychology
•    BSc Biochemistry
•    BSc Biology
•    BSc Biomedical Science
•    BSc Forencic Biosciences
•    BSc Hon Diagnostic Radiography
•    BSc Hon Occupational Therapy
•    BSc Hon Physical Education and Youth Sport
•    BSc Hon Physiotherapy
•    BSc Hon Sport and Exercise Science
•    Bsc Hon Sport Business Management
•    BSc Hon Sport Coaching
•    BSc Hon Sport Development with Coaching
•    BSc Hon Sport Science for Performance Coaching
•    BSc Human Biology
•    BSc Hon Radiotherapy & Oncology (note PG route is still open)
•    BSc (hons) Chemsistry
•    BSc Medical Sciences
•    BBsc (Hons) Forensic and Analytical Science
•    BEng Automotive Electronic Engineering
•    BEng Railway Technology
•    BEng Computer-Aided Engineering and Design
•    Masters In Social Work
•    PGCE Early Years
•    PGCE Primary
•    PGCE Secondary PE
•    PGCE Citizenship
•    PGCE Enqlish
•    PGCE Secondary RE
•    PGCE Learning and Skills
•    PGCE Secondary Textiles
•    PGCE Secondary Business Education
•    DipHE Operating Department Practice
•    DipHE Paramedic Practice
•    Extended Degree in HSC Professions – Pre Year (open for Internationals – if wanting to progress into DRAD, PHYSIO and OT only)
•    Fda Working with Children Young People and Families
•    Nursing&Midwifery – All courses closed for Sept 2011 & Jan 2012
•    Extended Degree in Biosciences and Chemistry

University of Southampton

•    Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
•    MSc Civil Engineering
•    MSc Software Engineering
•    MSc Microelectronics Systems Design
•    MSc System on Chip
•    MSc Web Technology
•    MSc Energy and Sustainability
•    MSc in River Science and River Management
•    MSc in Healthy Cities
•    MSc in Palaeoecology
•    Mres in River Science
•    Mres in Healthy Cities
•    Mres in Palaeoecology

University of Westminster

•    BA Development Studies & Criminology
•    BA Development Studies & History
•    BA Development Studies & Sociology
•    BA English Language and Politics
•    BA English and IR
•    BA French and History
•    BA German and History
•    BA Spanish and History
•    BA History & Criminology
•    BSc Complementary Therapies
•    MA Interprofessional Education
•    MA European Studies
•    MSc Architecture and Environmental Design
•    MSc Complementary Medicine

Moreover, the courses at the UK universities below are nearly full and will likely close for applications.

Bournemouth University

•    12 week pre-sessional

University of Exeter

•    MSc Finance & Investment
•    MSc International Management (12 Month Route)

At present, courses at many universities are now filling up quickly so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

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