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MSc International Management with Marketing

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University of Roehampton - See more testimonials from University of Roehampton

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1) คุณมีเกร็ดความรู้อะไรจะบรรยายให้น้องๆ ฟังเกี่ยวกับมหาวิทยาลัยที่คุณเรียนจบมาหรือไม่

“My course impressed me because it focussed not only on the traditional business industry but also the non-profit sector which is rather difficult to find.

In preparing me for my future career, I feel that the course I attended at Roehampton provided the groundwork for a new field of study. The course had well-equipped academic-based coursework and case study training. I strongly believe that I could implement everything into my future career, from time management to actual knowledge derived from various classes.

Moreover, the location of the university which is situated in one of the world’s most metropolitan cities and being the only university in London that all campuses situated in one place creating a very inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The teaching staff are full of experience and very welcoming for any personal, one-to-one tutoring. What impressed me most was the feedback given individually after grading which allowed me to improve significantly and correct my mistakes.

To be far away from home, living all alone in the foreign country, I had to quickly adjust and adapt myself to the new environment. I came to the UK by myself and used the university shuttle service on arrival. Thanks to the activities and support from the university during that time, I could instantly make new friends on the first day of arrival and we have become close friends ever since despite the different fields and different levels of study. I believe that all the welcoming activities the university has prepared for us are essential and allow myself to adjust to the new environment much easier than I expected. Regardless of the short period of time for the course, I have received invaluable friendship from new friends coming from across the universe in which we shared tears, laughter and joy all through the time we had spent together.”

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