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Study at Northumbria University London


Northumbria University was founded in 1880 and is ranked as a top ten university in the UK for graduate employment opportunities. With world leading research, award-winning partnerships, and great location, Northumbria’s London Campus is an excellent choice for those wishing to study in the heart of London.


At Northumbria University, they offer inspirational academics, cutting edge courses, outstanding facilities and an extensive partner network. Providing students with an exceptional experience to learn from the best with various opportunities to give their career an edge due to unpararelled partnerships with major employers, including Nike, IBM, Nissan, Proctor& Gamble, BBC and the NHS. They are also ranked 4th in the UK for graduate business start-ups and are part of the Top 1% of business schools worldwide after earning double accreditation for Business and Accounting courses from AACSB.

The London campus is located within reach of many top London attractions and Liverpool Street Station.



20150819 Natwara Paenkong - NUL Review

Natwara Paenkong


MSc Business with International Management,

September 2014 Entry


I chose Northumbria… because I’ve always dreamt of studying and working in London. After researching a number of universities I found that Northumbria was considered a successful university with a good reputation. I discovered that the university would have small class sizes and this is something I looked for. The campus is in a great location, very central, so it was easy for me to find accommodation close by.


I really like the university because… of the class contact time and small class sizes. There’s only around 20 people in my class which means the lecturers can pay attention to us all and help us when we ask. They make us feel very comfortable whilst we’re studying and they also remember all of our names, which I love! We are also welcome to email them for help or with personal issues, they’re very friendly!


What I love about London… is that there’s so much to do, I have a different activity every weekend. I can’t wait to move back and work here after my studies.


Northumbria University has helped me to become more confident… I no longer feel shy when talking in front of a group of people or working in groups. I also feel more comfortable when I meet new people. We went on a trip to meet the students from the Newcastle campus and I didn’t feel shy when talking to them.


The university has also taught me a range of transferable skills… that I can use in the future and in my career. I will take away and share the great experiences that I have had and I also hope to be more confident with my English and speaking it fluently at work and with my friends.


What three words would you use to describe your experience at Northumbria… playful, helpful & educational


Discover more about studying in London

  • The university offers real business experience allowing students to earn a 16 month visa if they decide to undertake a 6 month internship with their reputable partners such as: Kellogg, Nike, IBM and many more after graduation
  • Known for its courses in: IT, Business, Technology and Digital.
  • The London Campus provides MSc Cyber security (only available on the London campus)
  • The university offers up to £2,000 Corporate Training for their students. This can be used to undertake professional training courses across a range of subjects such as project management, business analysis, IT, and leadership development.
  • The University has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education magazine’s annual Leadership and Management Awards in the category of “Outstanding Student Services Team.”


With excellent academic, opportunities and chance to join real business experience with major partners, Northumbria University is a good choice for students who are willing to study in the heart of London. If you require further information, contact us here or fill out the enquiry form on this page

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