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Concerned about making your grades?
Plan ahead and know what your best options are, via UCAS Clearing!

Navigating the next steps once you have received your results can be challenging at the best of times, particularly if you haven’t performed as well as you had hoped.
This is where we can help. We will be working with our partners INTO to help advise you to find your best university options.
It is always a good idea to plan ahead if you are unsure about your results, or as soon as possible once you’ve received them, so come into the office and speak to the team to discuss your options, there are still lots of opportunities to be taken. 

UCAS Information Day

Date: Saturday 20 July 2019
Time: 11:00 – 13:00
Location: Hands On Silom office
To register for a chat, please select a time slot and complete the online registration.
If you are unable to register online or have any questions, please phone the office 02-635-5230.

Free registration

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