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University of Edinburgh Interviews (Business School)

University of Edinburgh Interviews (Business School)

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To complete your registration for the event please complete the information below in English. If you have any questions please contact +66 (0)2 635 5230 or email to info@hands-on.co.th

Event: University of Edinburgh Interviews (Business School)
Date: 26 July 2019
Location: Silom Office
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Location : Silom Office

Representative : Stella Johnston

Interested in studying at the University of Edinburgh? Stella Johnston, Student Recruitment Manager at University of Edinburgh Business School will visit the office to meet with students interested in studying at the University. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in applying to the university, and any current applicants and offer holders to speak directly to the university and find out more information about your course or what to expect when studying at Edinburgh.

To book an interview, please select a time slot and register online.  If you are unable to register online or have any questions, please phone the office – 026355230.

Stella will also be providing a presentation on studying at University of Edinburgh Business School, so if you are interested in more generally learning more about the university and what it has to offer then this session might be more suitable. To book a seat then please follow this link and register online

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