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Creating an Art and Design portfolio by UCA

Creating an Art and Design portfolio by UCA

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To complete your registration for the event please complete the information below in English. If you have any questions please contact +66 (0)2 635 5230 or email to info@hands-on.co.th

Event: Creating an Art and Design portfolio by UCA
Date: 17 December 2019
Location: Silom Office
Registration: Required - to book a place please complete the information below in English

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Location : Silom Office

Representative : Layla Regan

Most Art and Design programmes will require applicants to put together a portfolio, this is a perfect opportunity to learn about what universities are looking for in a portfolio from one of the best universities for Art and Design. 

Layla Regan from the University for the Creative Arts will be in the office to provide a workshop on putting together a portfolio. If you are applying for an Arts & Design based course at any university then this is a great opportunity to get some help and advice on how to put together your portfolio. 

To book a seat please complete the online registration. If you are unable to register or have any questions, please phone the office – 026355230.
Layla’s Profile
Layla (Sailor) Regan
Senior Lecturer Fashion Promotion and Imaging, UCA
For examples of Layla’s work, and more information about here feel free to visit her website – www.laylasailor.com
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